Just between us.

Because we believe what’s private should remain private. With bundle, your digital privacy is entirely in your own hands. You can now share, plan and keep an overview of your life with friends and family or via teams and groups within one single app.

With bundle, you´re not the product! You are our customer.

Unlike WhatsApp, Facebook and similar apps, bundle provides you with a digital privacy, and never shares your data with anyone.

In a single app, bundle combines and simplifies messaging, the exchange of data and collaborative organization in your private groups.

Product About us

Simple. Secure. Liberated.

Instead of lots of different apps for various functions, bundle provides the most important functions in one single app. It is incredibly versatile.

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Download your new digital freedom - completely free of charge.

You are in control.

You decide who your bundles are. Communicate not only more securely, but also more flexibly then ever before.

All in One

Create content simply and easily by using the plus button. Everything is integrated directly into your chats and is visible to all participants.

New freedom with a better overview

By assigning themes to your content, you can discuss numerous topics within one single bundle. Birthdays, parties, holidays – what used to take place in several groups, now requires only one.

Everything that´s new, at a glance

No matter if you’re commenting, editing, voting in a survey, or completing a task: you can keep a clear overview of whatever is happening in your bundles.

Take back control of your digital private sphere.

With bundle, you’re not the product, you are the customer. Our business model is based on charging a fair price for the use of our service and not on selling your data to third parties. Protecting your privacy is our number one priority.

Free to use

After the initial free download, you can use bundle without any restrictions.

Long-term storage

The storage is available to you in the bundle cloud for 36 months, meaning you don’t need to continuously renew your storage capacity.

Premium usage

From March 2018 you will have free, permanent access to 250 MB of storage space. If you need more storage space for your groups, you can increase your capacity by purchasing packets of extra data.

We respect your privacy.

We never share your personal data or content with anybody, and we never use it to generate revenue.

We are always improving.

We only analyze anonymous user behavior, in order to improve functionality.

We encrypt all data.

To ensure that no one can access our users’ data, all communication within bundle is encrypted.

All our servers are based in Germany.

We use certified high security servers and always adhere to German and European data protection laws.

Ready to bundle?

Download your new digital freedom - completely free of charge.